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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: February 14, 2008

Special Valentines Newsletter for Hipcooks!

This newsletter includes:

  • a quickie little dessert recipe for your sweetie: Something a little fancy/ no fuss for your Valentine?  This may leave yummy leftovers for you, ha!  At Trader Joe's they have these lovely chocolate praline lace Florentines.  Get a package of these, some heavy cream, and some fresh raspberries.  Whip a cup of the cream with a little powdered sugar and perhaps a drop or two of something boozy.  Throw in about half of the raspberries and whisk vigorously until the cream turns a lovely pink.  Make little cookie sandwiches by dolloping the cream in between two cookies.  Serve a few on a plate with the raspberries you have left, thrown about in a pretty fashion.
  • new CLASSES on the schedule at Hipcooks East and West so you can sign up you and your sweetie online at

or, some alternatives

  • is your sweetie not well-behaved?  new KNIFE SKILLS classes are posted at Hipcooks West and East
  • screw the sweeties - are you single?  New Singles classes are posted, one gay, one straight for all you lovely Hipcooks singles out there!  The Hipcooks West calendar has details.
  • screw all this romance - do you want to get yourself into tip-top shape and do something wonderful and healthy for yourself?  The Spring into Life series has been posted!  This is a four 5-hour intensive series to a happier, healthier you.  Each session has a classroom portion with nutritionist Carey Peters and a cooking session with Monika.  Take the sessions one by one or the series at a discount.  Topics:  (Class 1) Eating for Energy, (Class 2) I'm Free!  Gluten and Dairy Free you, (Class 3) Cleansing Juicing and Raw Food, (Class 4) The Healthy Sweet Tooth. Let us help you change your life!
  • bleah!  is the pending tax season making you feel poor?  Take Hipcooks classes for free with our Assistantship program.  Please email for the details, please write "assistant" in the subject line.

Eat well, be well