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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: July 22, 2005

Hi Cooks!

More tasty tidbits for you...
The August-September schedule is out!  Check out these new(ish) classes:
Summer Salads Crunch Crunch! Faster than you can say "rabbit rabbit" we'll throw together dazzling summer salads. It will be a colorful feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds.  Yes, this class is vegetarian.
Your Just Desserts are back!  I have loads of room in next Monday's (the 25th) class, so let's spin some sugar. This class also teaches the most tempting tarte tatin to swoon your friends and lovers - sign on up!

Also, by popular demand, you'll see:
The Surprise Guest  Yipes! Your place is a mess, you're a wreck and someone's coming to dinner? How to whip up a thoughtful meal while scrubbing the toilet and fixing your hair. They'll never know that this elegant dinner took you minutes to prepare!

and, Tarts for Tarts!  Okay, you may not be a tart, but after this class you will surely want to eat one! Here I show you the tricks for a no-fail pastry dough (both sweet and savory) and luscious fillings of all kinds.  Nothing is more delightful than homemade baked quiches - real men sure will eat them! has all the classes listed in the class schedule.  Sign on up, but please, only do so when you are prepared to pay for the class straight away.  Soon the system will change, but for now I kindly ask all of you to pay straight away to confirm your place in the class.
Now that summertime veggies are bursting with ripeness and flavor, cool down with this burst of health.
Hipcooks Gazpacho

Get two lbs. farmer's market or friend's garden tomatoes, cut them in half and scoop out their seeds, if any.  Try to remove the stem as you scoop out the flesh.  Peel 3 medium cucs and de-seed with a spoon, too.  Roughly chop. Same with two red peppers - de-seed and chop.  Peel a chop a medium red onion.

OK, you are ready to blend!  You are going to do this in two batches, so place about half your veggies in the blender with about 1/2 cup water.  With the blender running, add a healthy pinch of sea salt, a lug of balsamic vinegar, a few turns of the mill of black pepper.  How is it?  need anything else?  Maybe a splash of olive oil to round out the flavor?

Chill:   both you and the gazpacho.  When ready to serve, pour into pretty shot-glasses for you and your pals as a lovely amuse-bouche before you start a meal.

For a chiller version:  a Tabasco.  Howcome?  Because adding heat, in this weather, cools you down.
For a naughtier version: float a bit of iced-vodka on the top of each glass.  Now there's a healthy refreshment!

 Now you go have fun in the sun.  Bite into a peach at the Farmer's Market, get kissed by the sun, enjoy the salt of the ocean.  Drink Sangria and Get that Grill fired up!  I almost forgot - Thrill of the Grill 2 is now on the schedule.  Check it!

Eat well, Be well,