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Class Teachers

Dear Readers, Hipcooks teachers send me (Monika) a paragraph or 2 about themselves & I create their bio. Paul sent me a tome a mile long, but it had me laughing start to finish. I'll spare you the mile & give you the Reduction Sauce on Paul: Early food memories: Christmas tamales (nudge nudge Paul, howbouta class on these?) In preschool, I brought sour cream to Show & Tell as my favorite food I'm an egg man. (He has backyard chickens, like a good Portlander) In the industry, I've tended bar, cooked at most stations, done dishes, barista-ed, catered. Outside of the kitchen, I've been a handyman, sound-guy, electrical guy, DJ, event planned, actor, a backup singer for a Mexican Elvis impersonator (they have backup singers, Paul? really?), social worker/counselor, teacher, published developmental psychologist. I'm a kitchen minimalist. I like a heavy pan & a good knife. & a Vitamix. & Immersion Blender. & I don't know how anyone gets by without a pressure cooker. (I think we should add Minimalistically Delusionist to the list above) I'm a proud dad. My daughter (now age 5) could use a chef's knive at age 1 & can a Manhattan that will blow you away.